Safe hammer

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Ensure Your Safety on the Road with SafeHammer - The Ultimate Car Emergency Tool!

Imagine being in a car accident, unable to break the windows or free yourself from a jammed seatbelt.

SafeHammer, the emergency glass breaker, is your solution.

Approved by firefighters, this compact tool can break car windows and cut through seatbelts with ease, potentially making the difference between life and death in an emergency.


Approved by Firefighters:

  • SafeHammer is trusted by emergency responders for its effectiveness in breaking car windows and cutting seatbelts.
  • Its reliability is recommended by professionals who understand the critical nature of having the right tools during a crisis.

Compact and Accessible:

  • Lightweight and compact, SafeHammer is designed to be within arm's reach in any car emergency.
  • Easily accessible in your glove compartment or door pocket, it ensures you have the best chance of escaping a dangerous situation.

Tungsten Steel Head for Instant Glass Breaking:

  • With its tungsten steel head, SafeHammer can break car windows instantly at the push of a button.
  • It works efficiently even underwater, providing a quick escape in various emergency scenarios.

Stainless Steel Blade for Swift Seatbelt Cutting:

  • The stainless steel blade cuts through seatbelts like butter, freeing you from dangerous entrapment in a matter of seconds.
  • This ensures a rapid response to potential life-threatening situations.

Recommended by Emergency Workers:

  • Emergency service personnel, including firefighters and first responders, recommend SafeHammer as a crucial tool for all drivers.
  • In accidents or emergencies, seconds can make all the difference in saving lives.


  • Use the pointed end to hit the corner of the window until it shatters.
  • Use the blade to cut through the seatbelt and free yourself or others from the vehicle.

Remember, an extra few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Be prepared with SafeHammer, your ultimate life-saving device on the road.