Tot Type : Black Bear

Keep yourAirTotclose by as you travel! Pick from one of ourqualified fighter pilots to help keep your car smellingamazing! Use essential oils or fragrance oils to get rid of the bad odor and replace it with a healthy, natural fragrance!

Our aroma pads last 3-4 weeks...choose from our wide range of fragrances or make your own!

Ready For Takeoff

AirTots work with any car. They don't require any batteries and run automatically when you turn on your AC/Heater.

100% Natural Plant Fragrance

Every AirTot comes with two scented essential oil pills that last from 3-4 weeks each. Don't waste your money on basic fresheners that need to be replaced weekly.

Luxurious & Kid-Friendly Design

AirTots are made to last!

... and look, we all know you want to touch it while it spins. Well, it will not hurt you and is kid-friendly :)